May 5, 2013


...yesterday we walked around all day holding hands.( i love that he like holding-hands with me) He was grabbing on to my finger and he was leading me. More like Yllac was walking me.

For the past two weeks i put off blogging for a while. My mind is somewhere else, my body is somewhere else. So much far away from the computer. 

I have so many things to share to you, but first of all i want you to know that there will be changes on this blog. Id like to think that it is a good change. I am happy to be blogging for this long. I am grateful for this opportunity to sit in front of my computer and talk. Mostly nonsense. But i am glad and relieved and it's a miracle you never got bored. And I am a lucky gal because I have you as a friend here. You've seen a lot of changes as we (jayson and i) grew older and mature - first as a couple and now as a parent. Id like to think, maybe you're still here because we ( you and i) kind of  grew old together too??? Yikes! Can you believe how much we've grown after all these years? 

I am a mother now and all i can ever talk about is my boy and my toddler and my toddler boy. Can you tell me what did we used to talk about before i became a mom? I know! i started this blog a long time ago for different reasons than those today. People change, they grow up. Interests change. Priorities change. I changed over the years a lot and so naturally so did my blogs focus. And I am glad you're still here. And that my friend is all I am thankful for. 

Thank you for riding along with us.
See you next week. 
Have a blessed Sunday everyone. 

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Toni Pino-Oca said...

time flies sooo fast indeed! im excited for the changes you are about to do to your online home, Denise! <3

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