May 9, 2013

Orange Floral and Silver Heels...

DSC_4957 copy
DSC_4958 copy
DSC_4919 copy

I guess this dress deserves a proper blog post other than this. Thanks Yllac. 

...and I think silver heels looks good worn with every color. It shines oh so good paired with neutrals and in solid colors too. This gojane silver kitten heels that I got for less than 20$ last year is groovin' and rockin' the shoe trend this year. I mean it's cheap, it's fun and surprisingly a whole lot versatile. I bought one in gold too. But between silver and gold, silver is a more subtle metallic color. Gold is too much "out there", if you know what i mean. Even in jewelry, i prefer silver than gold. Mind you, gold does not agree with my sweat. Ew and TMI.

dress: thrift
heels: gojane
bag: charles and keith  

1 comment:

Toni P. said...

i want to get a silver pair but i dont think it would look good on my very tanned feet. haha! beautiful dress, Denise!

toni perfumed red shoes


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