December 19, 2010

Aqua Blue

Aqua Blue
Aqua Blue

Am wearing the happiest blue!

By the way, regarding my previous post, it's not our home. Sad right? It's a Coffee House. Will post more photos about that soon. But this is our home, at least we have a swing where we can take our coffee each time the mood strike. Suuuweet! We're still working on our little garden, that is if we can prevent Koffy from eating all the plants and flowers he can dig into. He's a bit of a devil when it comes to plants. We don't know what to do anymore. He doesn't listen to us.

Anyway have an amazing Sunday everyone. Remember, we're all fabulous! 

dress and clutch: Sm Department Store
shoes: Otto


kiakiakiakia said...

i love the color!

Chiqui Francisco said...

hot fashionable preggy I've ever seen. hope i can still be fashionable as you when i get pregnant. ' )

ana b. said...

You look so pretty in blue. And I really like that oversized clutch. I hope you and the little bubba are well, Denise.

Manila Girl said...

Ooooh I love your oversized clutch!

Ann said...

Hi Ms. Denise!
I used to have a dog too who loves to "eat" and dig through my mom's flower gardens. She was forced to put a fence around them, ^^

oomph. said...

love this look fab for being pregnant! good luck & congrats!

Smarla said...

i love this dress! you look stunning in it :D


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