December 18, 2010

Come To Momma

Brandy boots by Gold Dot

photo credit : Gold Dot 

I've never felt shoe deprived my whole life since I got pregnant. I think you know why. On my seventh month started my foot metamorphosis - not in a pretty way. I always have a negative feelings about my feet. Honestly I don't like them. If I have my way I want a narrow, thin feet. Am not a Havaianas girl. Most of the girl I see has pretty cute feet that wearing slippers makes them look so cool. Me, I need a shoe to distract people from my feet. But, I don't think people see what i see each time i look down. It's just my fixation. Just like everyone has one right? With me, it's my feet. Feet is my thing. 

It's nice being pregnant cos you get to receive a lot of gifts for just being pregnant. Like the day we knew we finally made a baby, Jayson - my husband gave me something. Call it the baby payback. hehe. And every month that my pregnancy is progressing good am getting more and more from him and from the people around me. Pregnancy is sooooo DOPE!!!!!! So days ago husband gave me a go signal to finally order this shoe. I've been a fan of Gold Dot for sometime now since i saw their shoe on a local magazine. After googling the site and saw their collection I fell in love right away. Everything looks so amazing, but i have yet to wait the right shoe for me. And tahdah, Brandy was born. She's mine. And next week I get to finally hold her in my arms.

Merry Christmas everyone!

i have a strong feeling you want a Brandy too. Pls go To Kookie's site. She's giving away this shoe for free. Go, Now na. 

My fairygodmommy will send me more and more and more shoes.

We finally decided on a baby name. Clue, it's a Tagalog, macho name that will rhyme with Lozada. It's not Elvis Jagger Abdul-Jabbar Lozada anymore.


Kallie, Happy Honey and Lark said...

what a lovely gift! i bet you can't wait to wear them. also, your house is SO cute in the previous pictures, like a dollhouse!!

The Reluctant Stylista said...

LOL @ baby paycheck. I love Gold Dot as well, but only by looks so far, since I've never ordered. I'm a shoe addict so I always feel guilty when I start coveting a pair. But that pair is gorgeous! I joined in Kookie's contest and I hope I win, haha!



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