December 15, 2010

Shhh The Baby's Sleeping

shhh babys sleeping
Shhhhh The baby's sleeping

I guess there is something about a woman's big round tummy that fascinates /attracts people. Ever since I got into this full blown frame, people in the grocery just wanna touch my stomach. I remember the first time some random old lady just touched me without my permission on a flee market and said am gonna have a girl. Well, she's wrong. It felt weird really. It's not like she's a friend or a family that has unlimited touching access on my tummy. It's not that bad either, it just felt weird. What's cute are the kids directly points at me, giggles and say "uy buntis" (she's pregnant). I wonder, are pregnant ladies funny looking? Sometimes people or group of girls just stares and smile. That, I like. 

There's more. Suddenly everybody around you gives you opinion and advice like a real expert. Some makes sense and 80% FUNNY. There's this one girl from the grocery said the most darnedest thing to me. Hold on to your seats....She expertly told me to eat and drink chocolate three times a day a month before my due date. Because chocolates are slippery so the baby  will just slip from your vag-eye-ners that easy come your labor day. It made my day. c",)

Anyway try getting pregnant, you'll know what I mean. Have a great Wednesday everyone! 


Ann said...

haha...eating chocolates 3 times a day will not make it easy, will hurt because the baby will be too big (due to Mommy's chocolate diet) and remember, the bigger they are...well. ^^,.

When my sis was pregnant, some random lady told her she'd have a girl too. I wonder how they think they know that? BTW?Her baby's a boy, ^^

rowena purol said...

i miss being pregnant pero not the labor and the iri to the max part hehehehe

don't eat too much sweets, pag tumaba si baby you'll have hard time puuuuuusshhhhhhing!

Melai said...

super cute shirt ate den! :)

Melai of Style and Soul

Kallie, Happy Honey and Lark said...

I can't believe someone said that to you!!! How funny. You look adorable, not funny at all :)


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