December 11, 2010


weekend sale
weekend sale

  • Hello! Hello! Hello! Yes, am still pregnant. Got to say the last month of pregnancy feels like the longest of all. With all the waiting and those fake labor pains makes me wanna rush everything. Was hoping to give birth this week but my good doctor said it won't happen any given day of the week. Maybe the following week? We'll see.
  • What's so amazing having this baby this December are the Mall Wide Sale. It's everywhere. Shopping has never been this good. Those tiny onesies, shoes, toys and just about anything that screams "little-weird-person" suddenly looks so divine. Yes divine. And I haven't used that word, of course except when am practicing my British accent with Koffy. He's British by the way. c",) 
  • Am glad to be blogging again. Our new home feels like a real home. Though the first week was very tiring especially for me, cos am doing everything with a heavy baby to carry around. But we're good, We're finally settled. I love that this year will end so good for us - a new home and a baby. It feels Christmas already.
Btw, are we friends on Twitter yet? Id love to tweet with you. So see you there?  


Ann said...

Denise!You look positively/absolutely glowing! ^^, It must be those "SALE" signs, hehe.

And yes, we are friends in twitter, ^^,

Lauren said...

You look gorgeous! But most of all, I LOVE YOUR MAXIDRESS. Seriously, that has to be the most beautiful dress I've ever seen you wear. Where'd you get it? :D

Rose said...

Oh my goodness, the time is already here!? how exciting.
I hope the birth goes perfectly!
Cant wait to see your little baby :)


Candycane said...

Aww you look great - bet you can't wait now .. so excited for you!

Take Care!

Sal xXx

Smarla said...

im happy for you denise :) im sure this will be a very special Christmas :)

love you dress btw!

Mens Exotic Suits said...

take care..i know that it's not easy being pregnant.

Suz said...

you look so great in that maxi dress!


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