December 14, 2010


koffy and mommy
koffy and mommy

I don't get much sleep these days. It's an uncomfortable feeling every night, especially lying down in bed. So yes, how can i get sleep standing up right???? When you reached your 4th month of pregnancy it's not advisable to lie on your back, but still whether am on my left or right side the baby's still squishing my lungs. It's so hard to breathe. I can hear my heartbeat going so fast as if it's about to explode from my chest. But really there's nothing much I can do about it now. They say it's normal, so that means am very very close to my d-day. At nights like these am thankful for Koffy. He keeps me company. Am not alone. He follows me anywhere I go; Sits on my foot and there he'll sleep, but he will always be with me. Koffy's so sweet. I just can't imagine life without him. I'll say it again, I wish he has longer life. I pray to God every night to bless him with a healthy, long life because am going to be very very sad the day he's taken from me. Sorry, am emotional today.

dress: Sm Department Store (seen worn here)
bag: Coach
necklace and bangle: Quiapo
slippers: Otto


Noelle Chantal said...

Hi, Denise! How are you? Looking great! Yes, I can tell lapit na your D day. How sweet of Koffy making bantay for you. He's a charming adorable dog that's why you love him so much.

Goodluck and good health as always :)

Ann said...

Yes, I do wish Dogs have longer life span---One reason why I stopped having dogs--I just let my bunso brother raise our dogs back home coz I really get depressed when it's their time to go.Ouch!

Anyway--your D-day is malapit n nga,coz I remember my sister back when she was pregnant--kamukha mo n xa, ^^ ur both pretty, don't worry (u and sis!Koffy is not pretty-he's macho^^)

Faboulista said...

your tummy is getting bigger and bigger. wow! u must be so excited!
BTW I'm giving an amazing jeweled cuff away as a Christmas gift. you should enter it. its open to everyone worldwide!:)


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