March 11, 2011

After The Quake

summer dress
summer dress
summer dress

  • thinking of Japan and my friend Sally who lives in Tokyo. I just heard from her and glad that she's safe. We love you Sally.
  • thank you mommies. One thing i've learned from motherhood is that i can't do it all, that it's okay to ask for help and that it's okay to share my fears and concern to get support from my friends and families and that even the strangest of people can be a friend because at some point in our lives we all get to be first time moms. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
  • So following your advice right away - today we decided to go out, leave Yllac at home and finally have my hair cut. But we went home right away because my stylist didn't show for work. Nice coincidence ei? But tomorrow morning I will go back for my appointment and I am very excited for a new hairstyle. Wish me luck.
  • It's nice to think that summer is finally here. I am not sure if am gonna enjoy it but am looking forward to finally wearing my summer dresses i thrifted weeks ago. And this green floral shirt dress is one of them. 
Stay safe everyone. Sending love, peace and harmony to all. 

dress: thrift
shoes: Urban Original
hat: gift from Husband 


mom & son said...

Ok lang 'yan magtanong sa first time mommy like you. But I don't like unsolicited advice. I remember when Mr.Freddy was a baby, I have few friends used to tell me how to take care of baby. ewww, it really irritates me.

Mommy Denise, hiyang ka sa pagiging mommy. Glowing ang beauty mo :-)

Michelle said...

LOOOOOOOOVE your outfit!! Very summer-ready!!

And I'm glad to hear you're coping with motherhood. :)

Lianne said...

super cute dress and shoes! and yes, its okay to ask for help! we'e only human :)

daisychain said...

<3 xxx

Sally said...

thanks den, love you guys! its so nice to be able to talk to you guys, im going crazy now with all the aftershocks! non stop since friday and its already sunday. i want to be anywhere but here right now.


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