March 27, 2011

Mop and Mow

4 years ago
4 years ago1

Dear Husband,

Four years ago we actually thought we were the coolest, hippest of people. Four years later, we've made baby, rushed that baby to the hospital, we got fat, became boring and responsible people. And top of all that, I've developed a habit of re-heating my one day old starbucks latte to save money and save mother Earth. 

I promised you i will never change. But now that i did, thank you for liking me still.

I asked you long before we exchanged I love yous what you liked about me. You said that I am not like other girls - You liked that I don't cry. Never at movies, never at funerals, never at weddings and birthdays, never when we fight and I never ever cried to win an argument with you. Since I don't cry,  you think that am a great catch slash presentable but you almost doubt  my love for you and grossly think I am only after your monthly income. And then you knocked me up and all i ever do since then is cry. Thank God there is no divorce in the Philippines. Thank God you cannot divorce me for the grounds of too much crying. Thank you for being the great interpreter between me and my parents the day after I gave birth when all i can blurt out are sobs, tears and  mucus. Thank you for you are tough. Thank you for your hugs and kisses especially the time we were fixing Yllac's hospital bag and i showed you his left over new born diapers, i just cried. Couldn't even finish what am about to say.

Id like to think we haven't changed. That we're still cool. Still hip and ten pounds thinner. 

You said that I don't love you the way you do because I never cried once, even on our biggest fights. Oh yes I do. Think of all the crying am doing now, that's how much I love you. 



i want you to know i love you still even though i really really hate that necklace of yours.


Michelle said...


This is sooooo sweet! :)

Pammy said...

Denise, you make such a lovely couple. And this is really sweet. :)

evey ♥ said...

Sorry can't help but comment, u guys were so adorable... u inspired me in a way look up to as a couple! and not to deny the fact that u re such a good looking couple! this letter is so sweet!

best wishes! hi yllac!

Keira Nigra said...

What do you mean by saying, there's no divorce in Philipines?

duckalicious said...

beautifully written. and lol @ the necklace thing :D


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