March 5, 2011

I find It Cute When Husband Shop For Me

summer hat and studded leather bag

These are the moments that keeps reminding me how luck played in my favor. I am forever grateful. 

Hope you're all feeling lucky today. c",)


ana b. said...

Aww cute. You're very lucky, Denise.

Sarah A. said...

We're blessed Mommy Den.
You have Jayson
I have Jason.
They're the best guy/husband/shopper - just everything!

6roove said...

lovely hat! ;))

fashioneggpplant said...

awww that's so sweet for him to go out of his way just to go shopping for you! we all know hom much an aversion men have to malls and spending! :)

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Sweet said...

wow!!!! you're hubby has great taste in are indeed very very lucky!!!!


Reg Rodriguez said...

i love the bag and the hat! your husband has taste! :) lucky he shopped for you! <3


Michelle said...


Anonymous said...

i already followed you before someone sweet recommended me to you. :) hehehehe. hooray for moms who knows how to take fashionably care of themselves! :) and you have awesome shoe collection. :)

♥, ace

Noelle Chantal said...

Aww. napaka sweet naman the husband!! And I can imagine both of you wearing hats on a date, so fashionable! :)

BABI said...

awww... that's super sweet! love it!!! :-)


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