March 1, 2011

Big Brother

Koffy and Yllac
Koffy and Yllac
Koffy and Yllac
Koffy and Yllac
yllac and koffy
Koffy and Yllac

HI everyone! I am very very sorry for not blogging for a very long time. My life took a big turn, as you know and you've all met my baby brother Yllac. To tell you the truth I find him boooooring. At first. Well, all babies are soooo booooring. All they do is sleep, eat, and cry. And i remember hearing my brother cry for the very first time, wow! What was that? I never cried like that. But anyway I like him okay. I love him. I am always there for him when he cries. Plus, he's cute and all. Mostly he got his looks from me. Mom said i have to wait for another two to three months so we can finally play. But she gave me unlimited kissing access to his foot, and oh boy he smells so good. I love the smell of his diapers too. One time i stole one after he pooped and mom got so mad. She said I am not supposed to do that. I can't help it, I need to know what's inside that smelly thing.

I can't wait for Yllac to grow a little more bigger so i can share my toys with him. Honestly, I like being an only child, but i guess it's time for a sibling. It gets lonely sometimes. And now I am more excited for our morning walks. We are now four in the family and i can tell you it's so much fun. This morning we played a little. I mean he's playing with his own toys and me with mine. It's a great progress. I wish he'd grow sooner.

Anyway it feels weird that mom and dad calls me Kuya (older brother) now. I like my name but Kuya has a sweet sound to it. So I like being called Kuya Koffy now. 

Anyway I'd like to share some of our photos. These are my favorites. The first one was when Yllac was just five days young, second when he was three weeks and the last one was this morning. Aren't we cute together? 

okay, got to go. Can't talk much now, Yllac's sleeping. See you soon.

Kuya Koffy


Manila Online said...

ayyy.. katuwa naman siya... Kuya Koffy take care of Yllac always ha??... :)

AVA T.♥ said...

awww they look so cute together!:)

cherie said...

kuya koffy looks so sweet looking over Yllac :)

Manila Girl said...

Gahhhh, two of the cutest things in the world combined! Love the pictures. :-)

Bea said...

Koffy is the best! I want to be just like that when I'm older. Not like Koffy, I mean. Like you. It's so awesome you let the dog hang out with your little boy. Most parents would be scared but I love animals and think it's great you're letting them interact.

They will be the best of friends, I bet. Have a great day, Denise!

Bea from A plus B

Donna May said...

Mommy Den, your boys are sooo cute!!! :)
You take care of Yllac, Koffy dear! Mwaah!

Claud said...

Funny how dogs can be bigger than a human being! :)

Claud said...

Btw, what was his reaction when he heard Yllac cry for the first time? Haha, just curious!

Denise said...

hi claud! lumayas ako ng room. - koffy

che said...

ang cute naman ni koffy

Anonymous said...

so cute! :)


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