March 12, 2011

I Was Supposed To Have a Liposuction Today


...but husband suggested for a non-drastic simple procedure. So I settled for a haircut. c",) Have a great Saturday everyone!

dress: thrift (seen worn here)
Brandy Boots : Gold Dot
belt: Lhasa
Celine bag: gift from Husband


mommyWYT said...

bagay! :)

Designer's Wifey said...

Your new haircut came out great! I'm considering cutting my hair too! Happy Saturday=)

Michelle said...

Were you serious about the liposuction? :o

LOVE the haircut.
LOVE the outfit!! :D

Denise said...

michelle: nooooooooo. secretly, yes.

duckalicious said...

lol@the title :D

love your hair!

Sweet said...

awww looking gorgeous...and yes you look great on your new hair darling and YOU don't need a liposuction or anything else...because you just look fab and amazing just the way you are parang kanta lang!!!!


Marella Ricketts said...

I love the boots! It goes well with the outfit ;)

Jing said...

Mommy D!thanks sa advice.point taken.:)

bagay sayo and look blooming.and your shoes are to die for.gusto ko interior ng house nyo Ms.D!have a nice day. :D

kookie kulasa said...

♥ ♥ ♥ your new haircut!

Abbie♥ said...

Hair looks cute! Makes you look so much younger.^^

Kaye Sigua said...

Great haircut! Now following your blog. (:

Velire said...

Ate Denise! You look gorgeous! Now no one is gonna believe you're a mom :P You look like a young woman, out to get the world :D

Your shoes made me inggit :P hahaha and the bag was an amazing choice from the hubby. :)

Hazel said...

pretty dress :D

KD faustino said...

HAHA! natawa ko! oh, i loveeeeeeeee ur shoes!!!!


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