March 22, 2011

Let's Spice Things Up Shall We???? How About an H&M Earrings?


Last summer last year, my 3rd world ass flew to Hong Kong. My first stop of course was H&M to burn the hard earned money I've been saving months prior to the trip. And yes, your guess was good as mine, I bought this earrings. Went back to the Philippines so happy, but as soon as my pregnancy became too hard on me I completely forgotten about them. And as I was sorting some boxes today, this beauty showed up once again. Never used it once. It's so pretty I don't want to lose it. So I decided to give it away to whomever wins the Ukay Manila Contest. So, you'll get a free dress that comes with a free earrings too. That's not a bad deal.

And for everyone's imagination-of-the-doubt, here's a picture from an H&M campaign.

H&M earrings giveaway

So mgateh, ano pang hinihintay nyo, join the giveaway here. Now na! Go. You have until March 30, 2011 to join the contest and the winner will be picked randomly. But i want to read a juicy answer. Just because i really really like to read. c",) 

Goodnight everyone! 


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