March 23, 2011

Here's Looking At You Kids

jayson and den 2005
jayson and den 2005
jayson and den 2005
jayson and den 2005
jayson and den 2005
jayson and den 2005
jayson and den 2005
jayson and den 2005

rediscovered a bunch of old photos today. 6 years ago, before the mortgage payment, bills to pay every month, before diaper changing and cleaning dog poop everyday. Before getting married and actually cooking meals at home. Before grocery shopping and making budget plans for the whole month. And before Yllac, we were just a bunch of kids not wanting to go back on our own homes, not wanting to say goodbye or even goodnight to each other. Sometimes 6 years just feels like a week ago. I still miss him each time he goes to work. I still hate it when he has to work at nights. I still have butterflies in my stomach whenever i smell his cologne. I love his jokes, (were they really jokes, or he's dead serious?)and the way he talks about how his day went. I love his skype messages (some are really really dumb to be honest) and his song choices for lullaby (like, Natutulog Ba Ang Diyos). He's a good husband and a great dad. I love how those six years changed him. Not big changes, just little things like we should write down the things we should buy for home the next time we grocery shop. Because we're old now and keep forgetting everything. Between the two of us, he's the more mature. He's two months older than me and he's good at math and he can drive.

But sometimes marriage is hard.

You have to be willing to compromise.

Like what food to cook for dinner becomes a source of debate. Should we drink coke today, or wait for another week to coke-over dose again? Sometimes i hate him when he doesn't wake me up, just because he's a freak that loves to stare at sleeping people and we'll be late on our not-so-important appointments. I don't like it when he's racing against me to picking up Yllac when he's about to wake up. Last week we fought because i said ill be on a diet, so we called McDonalds.  He ordered big mac for himself and chicken nuggets for me, but as soon as the food was delivered I ate his burger and I was never forgiven. I know he hates it when i shop for him and I won't buy not a thing for me. He's guilty that way and I feel like I am the best wife in the world. 

anyway, in spite of all that we love each other six times more. 


are you there?

I want my hot mulawin tonight. We'll eat it with butter, not peanut butter. Please, let's not argue about that.


jayson and den 2005

Come home right away. It is 11:20pm and I haven't had a decent coffee today. You know how much i love it when you make my cup. 


rosey said...

you're the sweetest denise =)

KD said...

I literally cried, denise. NO JOKE!!! This is so moving.

liezl said...

you make me kilig denise..sorry, but im a hopeless romantic too, sometimes.. happy anniversary to both of you. may you have more fruitful years to come and more happiness to celebrate with everyday of your life...:)

Apple said...

awww. so sweet. it made me cry too. cheers to successful marriages.

ezra said...

u made me want to write a love letter. :p

ur so sweet! he is a lucky guy. :)

Michelle said...


Anonymous said...

Reading this post makes me want to cry , too. sweet! :)

Claud said...

AWWW! Here's to forever! Stay in love!

Mom Daughter Style said...

great photos

Anonymous said...

hay.. i'm just so happy to know you both! i'm actually proud to be associated with you den and jayson kahit tapyas lang taba! haha! you have all my respect and admiration, dagdag na din ang inspiration that amazing connection do exists! pls adopt me kahit nanny! i love this entry so much!

Aileen Kim said...

this is so hilarious and so touching at the same time.


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