August 13, 2011


New roll over pad

The first time I felt that special love and the realization that Yes I am finally a Mom was when i first heard Yllac's heartbeat through a fetal doppler. I knew this heartbeat would bring us more joy. Well here he is now...... my heartbeat, wearing a yellow onesies meant for baby girls. I'm sorry Mommy can't tell the difference. He rock yellow anyway so who cares right?

I wish you all a happy weekend!


Belle said...

yllac's sooo cute. posing for mommy like that! :)
you must be really really proud and happy sis, :)

and oh, he's totally rocking the yellow onesies.. go yllac.. :) i bet he can also wear pink and be all pogi like that!

Ann said...

y not ang yellow, ^^ most guys wear yellow and pink nmn na. He's starting to rock it early lang,=)...
Kaka-inspire maging mommmy, waaahhh ako kaya kelan,


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