August 25, 2011

I Wish Everyday Is A Cake Day

8th month
8th month
8th month
8th month

I guess it's more than the cake itself that gets the whole family so excited about Yllac's monthly birthday, It is his and Koffy's reaction towards the cake and our fun as mommy and daddy to see these boys so crazy about this treat. I wish everyday is a cake day. I wish cakes are not that expensive so we can do this everyday. Because it's really a lot of fun. And the best part is eating the carefully destroyed cake by our boy's little chubby strong hands.

So you want some cake?


Melai said...

ate den! congrats to your baby's 8th month! wee!

roanjean said...

Aliw ng expression ni Koffy in the last photo! Happy 8th month to baby! :)

Roxanne said...

ang cute cute ni yllac, sobra pa! :)
inggit si koffy.. haha

Jing said...

penge namin ako, yllac!happy 8 months yllac boy! :D

Mode Junkie said...

happy 8th months yllac! OMG, how time flies. i sometimes wish i can press pause. ang bilis nilang lumaki! :(

Miu said...

Koffy's look in the last picture is the best! :D


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