August 2, 2011


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Every time he's sad his face wrinkles like that of a raisin my heart just breaks into million pieces. Just makes me sad too. And when his face lit up oh boy do I feel like a million bucks. This boy changed my life, turned me into a much better person, made my days full, joyful and unbelievably wonderful.

And have I told you that I love him so so so so so mucher
? I do.


aiz kim said...

the sweetest words!

ghoent said...

gusto ko siyang buhatin at patahaninnnn! awwww how cuuuute!! *gigil!!*

Anonymous said...

love love love loveeeeeeeee!!!!!!!! :-) -mish

Leng said...

wow, yllac has grown up so fast. my daughter has just given birth 2 weeks ago to an adorable baby boy. thats why like you, my blog is no longer on top of my priorities. kisses to your baby boy!

just minty said...

ditto :) having a kid changed me too--bigtime.


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