August 5, 2011

This Morning

Five chubby toes

No matter how tired I am at the end (sometimes, it starts even at the middle) of the day, believe it or not I am always looking forward to another day such like these. I don't want to miss a single thing. I love to watch Yllac sleep. He 's at his most beautiful and peaceful when his asleep. Am a rude? c",) And prior to his morning naps i make sure to feed him first and this baby is not picky. Thank God for I am gonna be crazy if my baby isn't a fan of solid food. He just eats everything until food makes him drowsy. Oh just look at his eyes. So sleepy but still wanna eat. I am telling you babies are so so so adorable. I just wish they wouldn't grow so fast.


Juls said...

u have a kid na pala, and he's so cute. with all that being fashionista akala ko single ka pa. ^_^

i agree, sana nga they wouldn't grow so fast. mas nakakatuwa kasi sila kapag ganyang age, napaka cute at fragile.

Michelle said...

Omygosh!!! The last photo is the cuuuteeest!!!!!!


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