August 6, 2011

Big Bags + Floral Dresses = Mommy Uniform

Blue Floral Dress from Thrift Manila
Blue Floral Dress from Thrift Manila
Blue Floral Dress from Thrift Manila

It is a good thing I've stocked up on printed dresses and skirts and lots of big big bags prior mommyhood. Because If you're a mom yourself you know that white and plain pastels can never survive when you have a baby literally living on your lap. And am just so glad that majority of my bags are those of the big ones. It's really nice because it saved me so much from buying diaper bag. Honestly I won't carry a diaper bag. c",) Well at least those bags that seem so obvious. So it's a surprise that this tote I got from Rusty Lopez from 5 Christmases ago is still here with me. I just didn't expect for it to last this long. And speaking of huge bags, this one in black is coming home to me soon.

dress: Thrift Shop Manila (edit) sorry for the wrong link. It's working now.
bag: Rusty Lopez (old)


modniza said...

gorgeous dress, darling! and i love too your bag!!! xoo

Belle said...

i totally love the dress. i would love to start my printed dress collection. :) love everything about your ootd. the bag the shoes. :) more posts please.

Anonymous said...

nice prints and the shoes is gorgeous. you look very lovely :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Denise! The Thrift Shop Manila link goes to a Michael Kors site. Can you please share the right one? I wanted to check out their merchandise. Thanks!


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