September 16, 2011

Female. Flattering. Empowering. Timeless

No doubt Ensembles is a go to brand for smart dressing. I love Ensembles. This brand is special to me because some eight years ago I bought a dress there as my thesis defense outfit. My friend helped me pick my dress because she worked there while continuing with school. I got this button down gray dress with two front pockets so there's a room for my hands if ever i got nervous and started waving, sort of talking through them. Yup. My hands do talk. Well, I sure looked different that day. I looked smart and very confident though inside I am shaking and dying for that day to be over. I passed the thesis alright, went out for a drink that same day still with my power dress, only to be borrowed by a classmate for her own thesis defense the following day. She also passed but never returned the dress. c",) I wonder what happened to her.

Anyway, years later, Ensembles evolved better and better and partnered with series of well known local designers such as James Reyes, Debbie Co and Louis Claparols. And this year, Ensembles is proud to bring on board the design duo, Choc and Yvette Religioso for its special Holiday 2011 Collection.

I've picked some of my favorites from this collection from the runway shows and the product photos shown above. And wait not, because this collection is out now, today, September 16, 2011 on every Ensembles stores nationwide.

Ensembles by Religioso Campaign  PhotoD

By the way to get more updates from the brand you can visit their website, like their Facebook page and follow them via twitter.

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Miu said...

They have some nice things.


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