September 21, 2011

Oh Boy, Oh Boy!

He woke up early and get a head start by replying to all my text messagesBaby boy is busy texting someone

Isn't this ridonkulous?

Slow down there little guy. Babies these days huh....

Am sure tots around the world, those who can't read yet, but so freakin' weird that they know how to navigate around iphones, ipad, laptops and cellphones. It's really weird. The other day, I saw this boy pointing his little chubby finger on the screen of his Daddy's iphone and sliding the photos like he's been doing it forever. I was like....whuuuut?

he's three days short before his 9th month birthday and am just excited to see what his next tricks would be. Oh exciting.


Ann said...

so true Denise! I mean, they know which buttons to choose, like they memorized them...sneaky fellows,=) I was dumbfounded every time I try to hide the PVZ game in my lappy and my 4 year old nephew still finds it! ^^ lols

ghoent said...

haha ang cute naman! parang ipinanganak lang na marunong na magcellphone. winner si right photo! =)


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