September 26, 2011

The Tooth Is Out There


Can you see it? It's white and kind of big. c",)

I swear the morning he smiled sporting his new front tooth, i laughed . I just couldn't be more prouder. It's the cutest thing ever. Am afraid he's soon not a baby anymore. And you know what? (you say, whuuuut back to me)) That singe-white-thing is sharp. I've been bitten so many times since it's debut. And oh, another one from his lower gum broke out this morning. And did I say it's just the cutest thing ever? It really is. EVER.


gladi said...

Winner ang title ng post. LOL

Lloyda said...

hello there cutie pie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yllac is just too cute!

Miu said...

A new tooth has to be used - so why not biting?^^

Mom Daughter Style said...

he's so cute Denise

charmie tamba said...

hi denise!!! sorry been so long since i last made a comment or at least send you an email... haven't able to thank you for the pretty mustard dress you send along with the shoes!!! suuuuuper thanks!!! my little boy's still inside me and we're sooooo naiinip na... and seeing another yllac post makes me more inip... hehehe he's supposed to pop na anytime pero mukhang ngeenjoy pa sa tummy ko hehehe yllac just makes me more and more excited!!! heheheh he's growing up so fast! ipin naaa! :D


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