September 6, 2011

I Think We're Officially Parents Now Because...

Robot Yllac
Robot Yllac
Robot Yllac
Robot Yllac
Robot Yllac

...not in particular order

  • Sleep is the thing of the past.
  • Poro poro po ro rooooohhh is the song I can't shake off my mind and Dibo diboding is my husband's anthem for days.
  • The on-going debate as to who's best at hotdog dance. Me thinks it's Pluto.
  • It's the fourth night last night we ate dinner at Jollibee. And Yllac can't eat anything Jollibee yet but we're there just because the baby won't throw tantrums. I am telling you Jollibee is so spooky you just can't explain why kids are sooooo carayzee for it.
  • I strongly feel that the second Blue's Clues guy is so much better than the first nerdy guy but he looks gay.
  • I once said I need to go pee pee to a friend and meant it.
  • I have learned to finish the 4 hours worth of house work in the span of an hour of nap time. And swing the hammock at the same time.
  • I have been woken up far too many times by a scream.
  • Been singing in public because Yllac refuses to sing alone.
  • It's a miracle if I don't get spit on my clothes.
  • I love making gooey baby food. The gooeyer the better.
  • We always say (out loud) "please stop licking each other". -talking to the dog and the baby.
  • Been picking up and comparing brochures for educational plans and death insurance.
so that's about it for now. Care to add more?


Maudey said...

Hi Ms. Denise! I'm not yet a mom but I can totally relate with the second item because my sister loves Dibo and Pororo. We have to admit, those songs are reaaaaally catchy, I sing them even at the office :)

Lovin' your blog,

Rowena F. Purol said...

i say "i got a booboo" instead of just saying i got a bruise" hehehe

Closet Full of Nothing said...

awe He's adorable! What a little fashionisto! Thanks so much for your sweet comment, i appreciate it :)


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