September 19, 2011

The Last Two Weeks According To Iphone

Look who's singing???More singing
Tv babyHappy baby
Beef noodleMorning fuel
New hair doSaying la la la la
Girl at the back said no pictures. What? It's christmas!!!!This place is not safe
Daddy and the meaty babyTable for two and a half
Love of my lifeCoffee with mom and dad
No food spaceHappy little monster
Talk to the hand
He's happy herePublic singing
Yllac eyeing the door to greet everyone

photos taken using instagram

Koffy is the best big brother ever. He sings to Yllac on days he's in the mood to play sitter which isn't all the time. I wish he'd sing forever (to tell you the truth, it's just a silly howl) because Yllac is head over heels to his doggy bedroom voice. But in the meantime, when Koffy isn't doing his role as a big brother, some toy's boxes seem to occupy Yllac's curiosity and attention. Boxes are good source of entertainment for babies under one year old. And Yllac loses himself over boxes. It's weird, but great. And oh, you know what's great? NOODLES! Noodles keeps me alive these days and Nescafe ice coffee drinks gives me momergy (mom+energy=gets?). Since sleep is forever away from happening again, caffeine keeps me sane and a very effective mom. Trust me. (Noooooooooooo!) And for my baby, well he's still teething and keeps on saying da da da la la la la la lo lo lo lo lo. Meh Meh is completely forgotten. Am I upset? No I am not. Maybe a little but what keeps me excited is each time we eat out and folks greet us and ask their usual tape-recorded-question-table-for-how-many, Im always giddy to say, "table for two and a half please." They don't get it. And that's the best part. You look at their faces not getting your joke. Oh, forget it. But seriously, sometimes I wish people would just relax and let us take our photos at the grocery store. It's almost Christmas for donkey's sake. How can you resist those huge, shiny, dangling balls? And those balls makes me think of putting up a Christmas decoration at home for the very first time. I am not a Christmas person but having a baby makes me wanna do all those traditions for him. I don't want to mess up my kid by depriving him a fake tree and not play Christmas carols. That ain't right. I am a good mom. He doesn't know that yet, but pictures are always a great reminder. I can see myself
one day telling him, "according to Mommy's blog she's a good mom!"


Mom Daughter Style said...

you've got a beautiful family. thanks for sharing your 2 weeks.

Anonymous said...

you want us to think your really happy with being a family? i bet you wana go back single again. family is horror. i wish girls were not poisoned into obsessing with every ideal man to come to their life.i wish more blogs would be created to stop the idea og this hillarious thing that being married is the way to keep every woman finally happy. youre blog is not special. so stop pretending about preaching about happiness.

DaMnViXeN said...

aww that right there is life's very very good parts.. anonymous on the other hand must be on the ugly part right now.. mama mary will help you anonymous! light a red candle for love tsup! tsup!

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