September 30, 2011

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9 months
9 months

Nine months last September 24. Yup! Nine months. It's like a whole cycle of pregnancy again. c",)

being pregnant was a lot of fun. physically it was hard, but it's nothing compare to the joy of finally seeing and holding your baby everyday. Got to admit i miss those kicks back when he was in my tummy. It's one of the very first magical feelings I had since Yllac was made. And now he just turned nine months and that feels so surreal and so fast. This boy made me a mom in a matter of minutes he was handed to me. And it's been good. I never thought Id love being a mom. Honestly I lack (before) that feeling of mothering anyone. I still don't want to mother anyone, especially a grown up person, a dog most probably, but this feeling of love that grows so naturally towards this nine month old person my husband and I made is just amazing. It's unbelievable how a tiny person can change someone's life. And that change is good. It is the best. A baby is a person and a place where there is no sadness. It may be hard, but it's a happy-sometimes-hard-place. It is fulfilling and it will always make you smile. And laugh.

The only hard part I can think of now (because I simply just forgot all those difficult adjustments on the past) is not able to pee anytime I want to. I got to hold it for hours until he lets me go and finally do my business alone. Or sometimes not, so I have to hold him (only one time) while i pee.

Another one, actually it's not hard for me. I kinda loving it. I love that right about at his age now, he just cannot live without me. He can't play without me beside him. He cannot sleep, watch tv, take a bath, poop without me. He cries. To me it simply says, "if you don't get me mommy, am gonna kill myself with crying". The moment i scoop him up and he hugged me he'll stop crying right on cue, which is so hysterically cute. I love that he cries for me. I love that he loves me so much he won't leave me alone, because I love love love love love love love him a hundred thousand times more and more and more and more.


and more....


belle said...

Happy 9th months to Yllac...and happy 9th month into motherhood! :)

Mom Daughter Style said...

he is so cute! I love the smile. I still feel the same for my daughter even if she's already almost 3. It's such a good feeling to see them grow. It's not easy sometimes but it is all worth it.

liezl said...

I really love to see you and Yllac smiling together. Your smiles is so contagious.. It brightens up my day. its my pleasure Denise to be one of your follower. I always check your page whenever I open up my computer. For me its an addiction. An addiction that really makes me happy.

Happy 9 months Yllac! wishing you and your mom more happy moments together..kisses for you baby!

Lauren said...

Little Yllac is getting to be quite big! Happy 9 months to your adorable baby. :)


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