September 22, 2011

Rain is Here. Run!

thrift jacket and dress, fake Otway booties
thrift jacket and dress, fake Otway booties
thrift jacket and dress, fake Otway booties

It took us two seconds to get these shots and that's it, the rain began to pour. Setting up the baby boy to his stroller took even longer than these shots. Can't complain though. Blogging and Motherhood huh.... Love them both. But the last one, much mucher.

Am gonna be honest. Will tell you the truth. Wardrobe blogging is definitely harder and is a lot of work on mothers (especially working mothers!) with kids under two years old. So it got me thinking that if you're a Mom with a kid/s under those age and still blogging for atleast 5 times a week, Blogging my friend has come a long way from hobby to calling. Yes it is. Unconsciously it has become a vocation to share a bit of our capabilities to good-effect, first to ourselves and then hopefully to others, then it is definitely what you call now a Calling. You know what I mean? Blogging is good for the soul. Well that's another subject.

Goodnight for now. Will get back to the sleeping baby boy before he knows he's alone and Mommy sneaked outside to do her, uhm, calling.

dress and jacket: thrift
boots: Gojane


Nina Lacson said...

last photo is so cute!!! :) well, it seems you're doing well, still blogging so well despite being a mother to a cute baby boy :)

Karla rosalia said...

linda ;*
tenha uma ótima sexta-feira para você ;x
beeijs !

Belle said...

nice outfit,, i certainly understand the blogging and calling part :)


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