October 11, 2011

459,987,789 and a Half Giggles

...at the end of every day and this is what I get?? I say it's more than enough. Let's put it this way, one giggle can last me a day. And these are obviously more than one giggle, this is one heck of a giggle. So I am okay forever.

Happy Happy Happy Tuesday everyone.


fashioneggpplant said...

awwww, too adorable! i wanna have a baby again! :) kaka tanggal pagod talaga these babies :)

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charmie tamba said...

cute! reading from your previous posts... its nice to see this happy ending hehehe ;D

guess what denise i finally popped!!!! but Pao still needs to stay in the hospital, though not really serious pero its just really sad to leave him p.. :-( cant wait to have him around!!! :-) happy thoughts na lang... :D

sittie rainie limba said...

kyooooooooot sowbra!



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