October 8, 2011

My recent Thrift Shopping According to iphone

GreenOmbre skirt
Colorblock skirtGreen tunic
Strawberry print dressPink

Knit findLooking forward to colder weather
Will fly with this capeBike and building print dress. Just one of my few recent thrift haul
This patch skirt tooMaxi
Classic blackWill wear this on a date night
I love me some floralDotsWill try on this denim  shortsLittle dot skirt

One lovely day, maybe more than a week ago I went on a thrifting spree on a budget of 1000php and these are what i took home. More than 30 items to be exact. c",) Okay still that's not accurate but you get my point. (Some more are still in the laundry) I remember that day I went home so happy balancing two huge plastic bags of second or third hand clothes that promises new-..... i don't know, but to me it feels like excitement for something. I went home happy i guess that's it. Can't wait to wear them the day Yllac is back on his happy mood so we can have our family outings again. He's still recovering and slowly eating again, and am just glad he's not feverish anymore since Thursday, because God knows how much i miss his smile and giggle and the energy he brings to our home. I need those back. The house feels empty without his noise.

And tonight before i sleep I wanna thank you basically for everything. You know how life sometimes turns into a big soap opera drama. I love my little space here in the internet where i meet people like you and just say whatever it is that i feel. Some days are good, and some unfortunately and am sorry are not so uplifting. It feels nice that you welcome my stories into your lives and feel for each other when one feels down. I love our home here and i am thankful for you, my internet friend and sister so so so much.

Take care everyone!


sittie rainie limba said...

IKAW na tlga ang ukay queen hehehe =)) honestly while I'm reading that 'i hate blog' NAKAKUNOT ANG NOO ko at seryoso.. apektado akey.. hihihi happy na ok na si bebe yllac, mkakapag blog na ulet si mommy den =))

Ann said...

crochet top!!!fave ko un=)
dame-dame nile hihi...

Ritchelle said...

posted my thrift finds too just now. I love all your finds,, the prints and the styles especially the v neck native pattern wateva dont know how to describe it hahaha. love all of it.

gladi said...

All of these and more for P1000? Ikaw na! :)

It's really so difficult to take care of a child by yourself, more so when your baby is sick. It's unfortunate that these things happen a lot. Babies getting sick are just a part of mommy life. But the bad days come and go quickly. You and Yllac should be up an about in no time.

kath said...

drooling! :) like the button down and skirts! fighting the urge to go to my fave ukay shop right now..hehe! kaka-thrift shop ko lang :)

Miu said...

Wow! That's a lot!

I can't wait seeing them on you :)

Lauren said...

Girl, are you going to sell the pink pleated skirt?? I'm so envious of your ukay finds!

Kara Rita said...

we girls love to thrift shop!! :)

i love your finds.. and all for only a thousand bucks! :)


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