October 18, 2011

Life Lately According To iphone

Crossing fingersYllac likes the playpen today. He usually hates it
Working on the poutFrom where i stand
These two wont leave me alone even for just a sec. Crazy.Balloon
Look at him grip those steering wheelPerfect pair
Today. Every am & pmWill end this day with a new novel
There's this baby i know who doesnt know how to stop laughingDaddy , too cold
I love themHe wants the first bite of everything
Looking forward to growing old and look at this photo of us

photos taken via instagram

we're busy busy busy busy busy. But am glad we are. It's tiring sometimes to be doing a lot of things. And then you're a mom and then you work at home too. You know what am saying? Looking back five years ago my life was boring and am pretty sure i kinda predicted that a life like that will continue forever. Boy was I not a person who can tell the future! I got it all wrong. Change is good i say. All sorts of change. And i think I am liking my husband's phone a little bit now now that we're always on the go and besides big cameras can't fit into the diaper bag anymore and also because Yllac keeps on poking it. So instagram serve us good to document bits and pieces of our lives now. But i miss real cameras. But who knows, maybe, one day again.

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