October 5, 2011

Damn You Teeth!

His kind of finger food
He's looking a bit different everyday

Yllac isn't really feeling well today. He's got a bit of a fever due to his swollen lower gums and those tooth wouldn't come out as fast as we want them to don't they? He's in this constant crying spell and honestly it's driving me crazy. Worried and crazy. The only time he isn't on my hips is when he's asleep. Just like now. I wish am the one teething right now and not him. This is an awful day for him. I wish this day would just go away and never return. Any mothers out there reading this? What more can i do to ease his discomfort aside from teething gel, paracetamol and hugs and kisses?


Honey Andrade said...

Everytime nakikita ko ang baby mo, nang-gigigil ako.. Parang gusto ko na din magbaby.. Now na.. :))))

earthgirl said...

Good old teethers Denise! I bought 3different kinds. I wash it along with his bottles and keep it in a clean container inside the ref. I have a 10 month old baby who started teething at age of 4 months. :( I know what you are going through. Teethers keep him calm and it works like magic. For my son at least! Haha. Goodluck with you and Ylac.

aiz kim said...

i know exactly how you feel. it is really a sucky feeling when the little ones get sick. I agree, teethers would help!

apples & dumplings said...

you can give him apples to munch on or put a wash cloth in the freezer and let him use it as teether. :) if you have teethers, u can also put them in the freezer and let him suck on it when its cold. that will soothe him :)

Gweny said...

I agree with the above posts. Teethers are lifesavers! But if you do not have them in hand, you can always use a washcloth. Wet them, then freeze them, and then give one to your baby. Frozen fruits like apples work well too. He just needs something to bite on, which helps alleviate the discomfort and pain he's getting from teething. If you're going to purchase one, there are ones from Farlin that have liquid inside that you can freeze.

Also, there are teething biscuits available in groceries that you can also use. If they're not available in your nearest grocery stores, you can opt for bread sticks. Just make sure they are not too hard or too thin. Look for something that would melt in the mouth. Not only will he be getting relief, he is also eating something, so its like hitting two birds with one stone.

I had my little boy bite on teething sticks when he was teething, I got them from Robinsons. I forgot the name of the brand, but the biscuits looked like the one in this picture: http://www.naturebaby.co.nz/images/products/lg_teethingbiscuits.png

Don't worry. The best thing about the situation is its temporary. Good luck and hth! :)

just minty said...

awww my kiddo's 'drooling' a lot at 4 months so he must be teething na (???)hee hee. i bought him a teether just today cos i'm also concerned of his little index finger :P they're sore from his 'panggigil'. i can only imagine how crazy it will get if and when he starts to fuss :s. hope the above suggestions help you and yllac. i'll try them out myself. kisses and hugs to your little guy <3

Donna May said...

Teether is a life saver! hehe
Lucky you it started early.
Fei started teething after she turns 1.
Mas mahirap kasi sabay-sabay!

Denise said...

thank you everyone! every moms and moms-to-be!

yllac doesn't like teeters. he teethes on my shoulder.

went to the hospital yesterday and he's just fine daw. maybe it's the teething + viral infection. am not sure. going back again for dengue test just to be sure. hindi sya nababa ng 38 eh.

Denise said...

@honey : soooon na kasi.

@earthgilr : i tried this morning again, pero ayaw nya. Malamig kasi. So am giving him oranges na lang and apple. Kinakagat kagat nya. he likes it for some time then ayaw na nya. he's really grumpy

@aiz kim : yllac prefers his thumb. kulubot na tuloy. hehehehe.

@apples and dumplings : oh he likes fruits. colder the better

@Gweny : will def look for those biscuits. tatlo palang nalabas na ngipin nya. so far madami dami pa silang lalabas. Thank you so so so much.

just minty: Oh it's crazy! plus fever, oh drama.

@donna: ouch! talaga? wawa naman si fei....


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