October 21, 2011

This Week According to iphone

RedShoes of the week. Soon at  shoeetiquette.blogspot.com
Reaching for each other. Cute.I said SMILE and they both looked at me.
Koffy's a real guard dog esp on foodOn the bullet is yllac's gooey version of our lunch today
Every.meal.time!3am. Hungry. Cold left overs will  do
I like my money where i can see it. Each time i look down "hey money there you are! "
Washing machine operator
Found a baby inside a washing machine i think ill take him homeStrollers are for shopping bags
All veggie

Got the best shopping deal this week. Saw a baby inside a washing machine and i took him home. For FREE! c",)

Have an amazing weekend everyone.


Ann said...

OMG! ang adorable tlg ni Yllac! ^^

LiezyL said...

i love how iphonography is making blogging easier!


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