January 3, 2012

Yllac Driving

He certainly made this Christmas the best ever.
The new smart car. No fuel or electricity needed.

Not really.....

Dear Shorty,

What you're doing there is a criminal offense. You know that? Look at your foot, it's not even touching the pedal or the ground. Getting a driver license actually requires you to know and point where your nose is, your eyes, your ears and all parts of your body. And No, your eyes is not a poking toy. If it falls out, it stays broken forever because no doctor will glue it back. And one more requirement you need to learn: you have got to kiss mommy on the lips on cue when she tells you so. A major requirement! And also, you have to wait for another seventeen years before you can drive, go places, get away with your future friends without mommy and daddy. And i regret saying that. (That thought scared mommy a bit.) I love you so much, so let seventeen years be a million million light years away from now.

love love love,

ps, thank you kuya Clarence for letting Yllac borrow your coolest wheels last Christmas.


dred said...

and probably 17 years from now, drive yllac's girlfriend for a date. haha di talaga sinama ni mommy yung scenario na yon. hehe don't grow up too fast yllac. :)


babyaииE. said...

So cute! :) I remember my son doing the same thing at that age. :)


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