January 16, 2012

Our Life Lately According To iphone

Motherhood is all about being patient and lotsssaaa fun. Swear. True story.Walking all day..... Poor slippers. It took a break.
He'd sleep beside koffy if we let him.Last night. Congratulations iz and Lara
Those lights made yllac's nightYesterday night. This is my husband, this is my husband, this is my husband
Want my own playpenHe saw himself and smile
i made these yesterday. denisekatipunera.blogspot.comUnder construction....... Will be finished 2013
baby boy had a blast last night. and mommy too. and daddy too.with the pack of cute horses
hope these two know they are my whole earth.tastes better than it looks
basti gets the best side swept hair award and E for effort to yllac on the attempt to start a one-shoe fashion trend.yllac a bit upset, i guess he's confiding with a friend
a kiss from ate ezabellecute car accident
green tea monsteri need a red chucks

all photos taken via instagram

here goes:
  • am glad koffy is a huge dog or yllac squished him a long time ago. He's Big and sweet and gentle. Yllac looooves him.
  • our friends Iz and Lara got married Tuesday of last week. It was a beautiful one. Yllac practiced walking all throughout the whole ceremony till the party only to make a stop to eat. And Jayson borrowed his tie.
  • i love that my baby boy can busy himself and play alone now, so it's good that I can do so much even it's just the two of us.
  • my diy striped shoe. c",)
  • aaaand we ended our week so good. we saw our friends over the weekend so naturally Yllac saw his friends too. We rode the carousel, the plane and ate a lot of not-so-yummy looking-hotdogs. But it tastes good. And i craved for a green tea and craved more for a red chucks so i can match my boy.
well, that was our week. Hope you all enjoyed your weekend too.

Happy Monday!

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