January 29, 2012

Our Long Weekend According To iphone

Maahmaaaah is his bed tonightNa-ah. Never gonna happen. 15 more years yllac. 15 more years.
Another great use of hangers. Now I can just pick one and go!How cute???? My bray isn't until march but yes to early presents
Hi milk! Gimme some.Favorite day is when husband's home with us the whole day.
On the blog now... Denisekatipunera.blogspot.comAm cooking for dinner! Who wants to come over?
YumBeef and tomato. Husband made this. Yum.
From where I stand denisekatipunera.blogspot.com12 years!!!! 12 freakin' years of using this oil everyday.  I love body oil.
We got two babies todayHe ordered pasta tonight

all photos taken via instagram

Our weekend started five days ago. It was our looooongest so far. And got a very good use of it. So that means there's a lot of cooking for breakfast and lunch and eating out for dinner. And oh! I got to cook one dress this week too! And the awesomest part of it all is this Momma got the best looooong sleep during the night and extra bonus sleep in the morning too. We got to do a little home organizing. Meaning, well am just talking about my sh*t. My boys are neat. Proud of them. I love it when my husband is home for days. Everything feels just fine. Like nothing can go wrong. Do you ever feel that too? And i get to relax, that's the best part. I just sit all day, watch him and yllac play and talk and eat crayons, paper and paste. c",) 

So, Hi you! I hope you are having a great weekend too.

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trililpigs said...

Miss ko na weekends sa Pinas...your photos made me smile today. I'm more relaxed, too when my husband is at home, may feeling of peace and happiness that I can't explain. =)


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