January 7, 2012

Life Lately According To iphone

Shiny brand new.Cuddling all day.
Somebody got very very drunk last night.Dressed up to the nines and went to the palengke. Am pasyon like that
Back to his cage with the others. This is the only way i can work around the house
The envelop clutch husband gave me is as big as our door.Walked in our room and saw this. My life at it's best
He stole my window seatFor dinner
I buy shirts like this to boost my confidence. Works everytimeLove playing stylist with these two
This outfit looks better against the glass window. In the rain.My fave shoe of them all
He cant talk in human language yet but according to his baby lingo: i hate it mommy when you leave me while i sleep.Morning folks

all photos filtered through instagram

one thing's for sure, I will never take down our Christmas lights till Valentines day. Or till Christmas again. Or never.


Liezyl Gomez said...

iphonology is amazing!

charmie tamba said...

ang laki na ni yllac! :-)

my pao's growing up fast too! nakakaloka... dati parang ngddrool lang ako over pix ng mga kids ngayon ambilis bilis lumaki! sana may pause button! hehehe

btw i got the shoes already!!! minamaster ko pa ang courage to use it na hehehe iba kasi dito sa probinsya namin kinda mgsstandout talaga yugn shoes na yun... :D

Momma's Runway said...

Love the blue nail polish! And iphonology is always thefab! :D


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