January 2, 2012

More Than He'll Ever Know

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sometimes i do wonder if Yllac knows how much big i really love him. Last night i was watching some home videos from the day i gave birth to him, He was being cleaned, he's so tiny and screaming and kicking and so wrinkly. And i love him. I look at him now asking where did my baby go? He's gotten so big and everyday he's showing more and more of his character, and I find myself more in love and happy to be a mommy to this little boy. 2010 gave me a small tiny infant, 2011 gave me a baby, and for 2012 i am having a toddler. It warms my heart just thinking about the exciting times, all the adventures, all the learning, all the love, hugs and kisses for the next 364 days with him this year. I know it's such a cheese to say, but i got everything i need right here in my arms. Every morning is like waking up to a Christmas present only it's an everyday thing for a mom like me.


Gela said...

Yllac is beautiful. and so is the mom. <3

have a blessed 2012, Denise! hope to see you again soon. :)

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dred said...

awwww..i am excited for yllac to learn how to read so he'll browse mommy's blog and read how much his mom loves him starting from the day he was still a heartbeat in mommy's tummy. :)

happy new year to your cute family, denise! :)


Krystal Pearl said...

Oh sweet! Having a baby is such a great blessing. Me too, for 2011, GOD gave me an infant and I am deeply in love with him everyday! I can relate!


being miss east said...

naiyak naman ako. he has grown into an adorable lil boy. :()
happy new year to you and your family, guapa.
i wish you all the best this year can offer.




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