January 13, 2012

DIY Striped Shoes

DIY Stripe Shoes

I saw these boots yesterday morning and thought, well, I can do something like that with my old, not-so-favorite shoes. And guess what????! It's actually suuuuuper easy and real fun.

DIY Stripe Shoes

first (of course) pick a shoe.

DIY Stripe Shoes

with the help of a masking tape, make a guide. Then start painting with the color of your choice.

DIY Stripe Shoes
DIY Stripe Shoes

After letting it dry overnight, you can start removing the masking tape guide, which is the real fun part of this project. At least for me.

DIY Stripe Shoes
DIY Stripe Shoes

Voila! I got myself a new shoes. Hope you all have a fabulous time stripe-ing your own shoes too.


Happy Friday everyone! I wish you all a very fun-filled looooooong weekend.


Ann said...

taob ako Ms. Den! ang ganda,bongga=D

Vanessa Galang said...

Wow! This is Amazing! :) I cannot wait to try this too! :)

Claire said...

One word: FABULOUS!

DaMnViXeN said...

wow impressive! what type of paint did you use?

Denise said...

thank you girls.

@damnvixen: just any kind of fabric paint.

Anonymous said...

ganda dens..:)


I'm Apple said...

ang galing. so awesome.

Jing said...

winner to Ms.D! ganda! ;)

Number Two Lover said...

Galing!! :D

Almira :)

Gela said...

super cool!!! i hope i don't mess it up when i try it out myself, haha!

boat ride through the sky

evey ♥ said...

awesome! :) ur really talented when it comes to this...:)that shoe creation of urs are really lovely! loved your works and everything about you!

Janelle said...

what a cool project! turned out really great :)

Jillsabs said...

Very nice! Instead of throwing out an unloved pair, why not jazz it up? You have inspired me :)

mitch said...

Ang galing! So envious now, want that pair! :)

Dhora Estrellado said...

WOW! great great job! Bonga ka day



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