January 8, 2012

DIY Color Block Boots

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I just made this today and i felt good. This is definitely the cheapest form of therapy. Am telling you, you should try this.

Remember this boots? I like it, but not so much. Looks a bit boring to me. So i gave it a much needed "shoe-lift". Nothing drastic and complicated like glitters ( because initially i wanna glitter-ify it), just paint that's all. Since, for me, camel (the color) looks good against gold and black, so i stick with those colors with this project.

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This is easy really. It just took me an hour to finish one pair. All you need is a shoe, a fabric paint, two different sizes of brush ( a small pointy one would come handy especially for those hard to reach corners and curves) and a marker (optional).

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Can't wait for these to dry. I think they're much much prettier now right? So what do you think? To diy or ddiy (don't do it yourself) a color block shoes?

Happy Sunday everyone!


Gela said...

great idea, Denise! i think i'll do this soon w/ one of mine. :D

boat ride through the sky

Number Two Lover said...

Astig, ang galing! :D

Almira :)

Anagon =) said...

My gulay!! Havey! :D I love it! :) Will try this din! :))

Miu said...

That's cool!

Aisa.Paxie said...

such an awesome idea! sana sipagin ako to DIY!:) love the new boots!:)


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