January 13, 2012

Thank You Yllac .......

love you yllac
love you yllac1

me and Yllac, barely 5 months old, back in May of 2011

for making my days so full
for making me a happy/sensitive/nice (???) person
for bringing out the best in me
for making me so patient to wait on you to finish to poop, eat, nap, to sleep, crawl, sit, walk, talk (and more)
for the love (because I know you loved me already since you were a heartbeat)
for the laughter you brought to our home
for the dreams of the future
and last but not the but the least ....
for every stories and memories and smiles and moments with you that will forever be part of me

thank you Yllac. You turned me into the happiest I can be. You are my greatest adventure.



Anonymous said...

ayy ang kyooootttt! :) hugsss and kissessss! :)


Miu said...

Your scarf is really beautiful!


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