July 20, 2012

200 Peso Family Date

Family Picnic. #latergramMy toddler had a blast yesterday.
Yllac loves eating out. Out, like, beach.Barney's sister. Thats me!
My lovesTrendsetter

Last Sunday, we as a family, pinky-swore to sleep all day. But come after the afternoon nap, we broke the promise, got up, wore our most comfy costumes : Jayson as his usual self, Yllac as a drunken little man (look at the belly) and me as the nerd Barney. (I know! Isn't Barney nerd enough?) We drove to get our favorite pizza and hotdog S&R cheap style and went to the beach. It was THE LIFE! Got to admit, since becoming a mom to Yllac, I find myself appreciating simple things I took for granted most of my life. aka, the free stuff. And we realized, also after becoming parents that a baby doesn't care for fancy things. That what he really need is you. Only you. Thank God the good ol' me, yours truly isn't fancy. Oh well maybe someday. Someday, happy and fancy too. It's not a bad dream ei?

1 comment:

Anagon =) said...

I love your family posts! :) Yes, happy and fancy..in the future! :)


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