July 26, 2012


toy car
toy car
toy car
toy car

This is exactly the moment I do wanna freeze time. Yllac at play. Where it's so silent, so peaceful. Where it's just me and him mostly in the morning after his bath, here on the floor, my sweet Yllac so lost in this vintage toy car, occasionally humming and making silent noises of oohhhs and waahhhaass and me just watching him, and dreaming big. Dreaming mostly about my baby's "someday" dreams. You know... the typical Mom-dream. If you happen to really know me, you'd know that Jayson and Yllac are my world. And i love long walks and long hours on the road, it doesn't matter where. As long as it is with them I guess I am living in my dream where it is perfect and nothing hurt.  


Anonymous said...

He is so cute denise. Whwnever i see yllac i cant help but mom-dream to my imaginary babies too.

Miss Sultana said...

he is beautiful! cute blog! p.s. you look really good for a mother, girl! woo hoo for you! :)



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