July 27, 2012


Zara USA bags sale

large rigid shopper 169$ 39.99$ and fantasy shopper 49.90$ 29.99$

I've always been a big bag kinda girl. Clutch is too cutesy for me. And with all our things combined, mine and Yllac's, a clutch will only serve as wipes case. What a fashionista wipes! So when I saw these Zara bags on sale.... whuuut? Oh well, most of the time internet is so good to me. What about you? What's your relationship with the internet the past few days? I hope it's good.


Anonymous said...

You're a great bargain hunter girl!!!! I love them too. Btw this is lea, i left a comment earlier to yllac playing with his car.

parfums said...

beautiful hand bags, love them.
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