July 6, 2012

Rain and Black

thrifted black dress, Gojane wedges
thrifted black dress, Gojane wedges
gojane wedges
thrifted black dress, Gojane wedges

I love rainy days. Everything smells nice and minty and cold. There's hot soup everyday, hot chocolate in the morning and coffee after dinner. That's love in my book. I am living for this weather. Happy Friday everyone!

dress: thrift
boots: GoJane
belt: ???
ring and bracelet: gift


Bubby's Mummy said...

I think this must be the first time I've ever seen you wear black! Such a drastic change. You look good in it but I have to admit I miss the cheerful outfits you usually wear :).

Ayis said...

You should be the sunshine under the rain! Love your black outfit and the shoes! Hope to see more color soon especially when it's gloomy outside.


Myrted said...

No, i don't like rains... But there's this best thing I saw on your rainy post.... YOUR SHOES!!!!! They're colorful and sunshiny as the sun on summer days. :D Hehe.


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