July 31, 2012

Cure For Headache

breakfast for dinner
breakfast for dinner
breakfast for dinner
breakfast for dinner
breakfast for dinner happy yllac

The other, other, other, other night i was having a very bad headache. Am a tell you kids, it was the Brangelina of headaches, the Kris-Aquino-std-scandal-period of all headaches, the worst aching-eyes, throbbing-temples, pounding-head, it was so bad you wanna thrown yourself in front of a bus just to stop the pain kind of headache. It was a headache you get from not having enough second lunch. And since breakfast is the best meal of the day, so we wanted breakfast food. BAD. And any kind of restaurant that serves breakfast any time of the day sure is winning a dozen brownie points with me. Well, curing headache is so easy. It just takes a lot of flour, water, yeast, salt, butter, fish, tomato and garlic and rice and salted egg and milk and tea and extra shot of pearls and C+A+K+E and bam!!!!...my headache was gone. Or maybe it was Yllac's smile plus the breakfast that cured me. Either way am all healed now. Just doing some sit-up penance (not really) for all the breakfast food we've been eating lately every meal of the day.

So, what about you? What's your favorite breakfast food?


Pie Jamarie said...

Hi Denise,
Your super sarap breakfast and your lovely son with that cute smile healed your breakfast =) the kind of breakfast i also love. Like you, I also have a son that can cure my headache. Child's smile is just priceless and works like medicines.
My fave breakfast: toast, jam butter, pancakes, with a fruit too nowadays. When I have this I am super happy.

Milk tea lover,

Honey Andrade said...

Homaygad Yllac is sooooooo cuuuuute!!! Makes me want to be pregnant right now. WAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

You dont take anything ba for headaches? Pag na-mmigraine ako, I take Excedrin, super effective and mabilis lang mawala!

My favorite breakfast.. TENDER JUICY HOTDOG!!! Hahahaha!! Super miss ko yun!! Wala nun dito! Huhuhu!!

Lara U. said...

Kapag nasa Manila ka, try Milky & Sunny, all day breakfast siya.

Laki na ni Yllac!

I always take Ponstan 500mg sa onset pa lang ng alam kong makawalang-malay na migraine. Works all the time.


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