July 30, 2012

Blue Print Shoe

Blue Print Shoe
Blue Print Shoe
Blue Print Shoe
Blue Print Shoe
Blue Print Shoe

I know, I am not good talking about my outfit (and hate defending explaining it, heehee!), so Ill just let the shoe do the talking.

.....so what does it say? I hope it's wonderful.

Have a happy happy Monday gays and gals! (that's me talking btw)

Jacket: Ralph Lauren
blue top: gift
skirt: thrift
ring: Sm Accessories
floral bag: Folded and Hung
printed shoes: GoJane


Jenny said...

It's nice! I mean it's gorgeous! I love the shoes :) Maganda naman ang combination ng outfit nyo Ms.Denise ah?. hehe Love love the shoes!

Janelle said...

Are GoJane shoes comfortable? :)

Toni said...

gusto ko yung print, Denise! and the fact that its blue! ewan ko ba, im all for blue lately when i've always been obsessing about pink and red stuff! :D

Claire said...

To be able to mix all those textures and prints and come up with a great outfit... YOU'RE JUST AWESOME!

Honey Andrade said...

Natawa lang ako cuz I'm also not good in describing my outfit.. Not like most fashion bloggers na ang daming nalalaman at ang lawak ng vocabulary pagdating sa outfit nila. Lol!

Anyway, I love your skirt and your shoes!!!

Trinnah said...

I've always loved those shoes! :) They're adorable!


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