July 11, 2012

Yes Man

parade of shoes

Hey ladies.... Do we like shoes?


Does a bear go poo poo in the woods?

Darn it! It's a universal truth that no matter how healthy our self esteem, we all have little quirks about ourselves we wish we could fix. Some people wish they could sing better, or remember names better, others want to stop smoking or quit biting their toenails, or stop pick their nose while inside their car, or some people wish they had the courage to stop being nice to their evil friends. Me - I wished like hell that I'd learn to stop liking shoes. Or at least have the control to stop drooling at shoe stores. But I am a girl. I dream of shoes. I talk to shoes. Heck Id diaper them if they go wee wee. But it was the principle of the thing. Girls love shoes. Sometimes some of them run a bit huge on me, but then I find myself strategically thinking how many cotton balls Id have to stuff in the toes to wear them on my date with Jayson and Yllac. 

But I can see you're nodding. I bet you're crazy too. I mean we only got one set of feet but how come we buy lots of shoes? Ladies huh?..... I guess shoe menopause isn't happening or will never happen to all of us.


Anonymous said...

ang dami mong shoes, hindi naman kagandahan yang feet mo. LOL. buy milk na lang sa baby mo.

Denise said...

@anonymous 5:51

gee, you have ugly face so why do you keep on wearing make up?

what's your point? LUL!

Bubby's Mummy said...

"I mean we only got one set of feet but how come we buy lots of shoes? Ladies huh?"

In your own words, what's your point? Ha ha!

Now, now, I'd really appreciate if you didn't ask questions like this. If my husband ever read it would spell the end of my shoe collection.

There's no logic to it and there doesn't need to be one.

P.S. LOL at your comment above!

Jenny said...

Whoa! I agree! hahaha. it's funny but it seems legit. Ako I admit it, I drool over gorgeous shoes than cute and hot guys. seriously. We're the same, kahit minsan malaki yung shoes, because of the design, binibili ko rin po.
Oh, at least, if I fall in love with shoes that is more beneficial. lol.

Jenny said...

And yeah, I forgot to mention, you have a very great taste when it comes to choosing shoes! They are all gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

di naman pangit ang paa ni denise katipunera. pangit lang sya manamit. walang dating at ang gulo tignan, lakas makaprobinsya mga outfit. LUL! dapat mag mommy blog na lang sya.

Denise said...

@bubby's Mummy : that's why we don't let our husbands read blogs.

@jenny : shoes over hot guys. always.

@anonymous 10:29 : I know right? and thanks???

but uy, teka, sobra ka naman, hindi naman pangit. Boring lang. So yeah you can apologize to me now. go ahead appppooooolloooogize!

But I like you. at least you're honest. you'll understand boring fashion once you become a mom, that is if you have a uterus and a vagaygay. but next time use real account. I do take criticism pretty well. PrOmise I am a real sport. and what do you mean by mommy blog? oh because I am a mom. What if you're a dad? daddy blog then? or if you're gay? a gay blog then? explain pls.

Anonymous said...

I'm really sorry if your outfit is boring and baduy. because it is. pangit talaga sya. walang coordination. ang gulo mo tignan sa mga outfit mo. ayusin mo yan.

by the way denise, hindi porket may readers ka at may followers ka may karapatan ka na magbigay ng TIPS, DO'S and DONTS sa ibang blogger eh hello hindi mo nga maayos yang mga posts mo. kalerqui kang probinsyana ka.

lastly, ano naman kung bakla ako? basta mukhang babae eh ikw mkhang bakla LUL

Denise said...

@anonymous gay: oh gosh sorry you were hurt by that post. oooopppppssss i didn't know you were gay. but i have a feeling you were. I am pro gay btw.

PRO TIP! you can leave anonymous comments without being rude. hope that helps.

thank you for checking back. appreciate it.

Jenny said...

Ms.Denise, may HATER ka na! Haha, nakakatawa naman. Seriously? My gosh. If you hate it then don't even check Ms.Denise blog again.

Cherry said...

I wonder how your shoe closet looks like and those of other shoe lover...Maybe you can give us a glimpse of your shoe closet!!! **excited!!**

p.s. I agree with Jenny..nakakatawa ung hater mo hihihihi.

Anonymous said...

omg mother may bobo kang follower.

how baklang walang pangalan! mag isip isip ka muna ng mabuti bago ka maglagap ng lagim dito kay Miss Denise. Kailan pa naging kapintasan ang maging taga probinsya. HOY bakla! Miss Denise lives in the city. Balanga city which is like CEBU! boboh! ikaw ano city mo? TONDO? SQUATER CITY???? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH!

Yan ang benta ng blog ni Denise, her beautiful nature photos pre Yllac days. Motherhood changed her priorities pero wala kang karapatan na pagsabihan si Denise nang ayusin nya blog nya. Ito ang isa sa mga well writen blogs here in Pinas. kaya manigas ka sa ingget at wala kang readers and followers. Mabuta pa lumayas layas ka na sa internet. nagkakalat ka lang dito, duwag ka pa.

FYI Miss D was born in Manila, studied in Manila and lived in America and traveled in the country and Asia. O sino ngayon ang taga probinsya???? bobah! POORITANG bakla ka. nasa Bataan nga si Miss Denise but she shops in the US. Kaya bago ka magkalat ng kabobohan dito mag aral ka muna. Palibhasa tinamaan ka ng blog nya. HAHAHHAHHAH! Ikaw yung hingi ng hingi ng libreng damit sa mga tindahan on line. kawawa ka naman.

shooooooo! go away.

naku Miss Denise Sorry at talagang kumulo lang dugo ko sa bakla na yan. hahahahaha. tinamaan kasi. you are a class act at ako hindi kasi pinatulan ko talaga sya. Miss Denise pwede bang hwag mong e publish yang mga ganyang comments? pls lang.

Anonymous said...

oo nga, tinatanong lang naman sya kung ano meaning ng Mommy blog, nagwala na. natawa ako.

i wish people comment intelligently. Hindi pag wala ng masabi kasi butata na, mamimintas na lang ng basta basta wala naman basehan.

God Bless you Miss Denise and your wonderful family. I've been a long time silent reader of yours and I've seen many changes in your blog. Na maganda naman at talagang nakakarelate kaming marami sa inyo. Hindi ka rin naman ego tripper and very honest and down to earth. Don't mind those people with small minds. Go blog.

love, Kaila Montalina

Miss Denise I love the Leona Jane. Fits perfectly. More power to your blog and store

Jenny said...

Hi Denise, I am an avid reader and i find it so stressful to read comments such as those above. I know you've been doing this for such a long period of time, but I think it's better you put an approval to your comments. I know this is unsolicited, but It's for your family too, more for your baby Yllac who is so adorable.

pls don't take offense on this comment. I am a fan.

I miss koffy too.


Denise said...

HI everyone!

i am open to all kinds of feedback here. I may not agree and some can possibly give me heart attack but i guess that's okay.

to anonymous 2:59 - i appreciate your concern for me. Thank you for giving Denise Katipunera your time to read and to know me through this blog. But I don't remember
living outside the Philippines. It is my whole family who lives in the US. heeheehee. But i know and I am pretty sure that I love you.

Hello Kaila! Thank you so much.

@Jenny - I will delete any comment that is disrespectful in nature especially comments about Yllac. But as of now, wala pa naman. Salamat. thank you for your concern.

Denise said...

@cherry : that's the thing, I don't have a shoe closet eh. Pangarap ko yun, but maybe some other post I will share my shoes. Thank you for the suggestion.


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