July 1, 2012

Family Therapy

Dad and Yllac
Mommy and Yllac
bubble tea
Mommy and Yllac
sushi and maki
dad and Yllac
squash soup and taro milk tea
taro milk tea , Yllac and Mom

Our weekend started last Thursday and every weekend for us means family therapy. Being the mall as our shrink. But before that, we made sure that as a family we need to dress to match our aura. If tartan and plaid has an aura it should look like us - bald, fizzy and squeaky. An Irish mouseketeer for short. So first stop - Food therapy. Since becoming parents, dying isn't an option. We like to live healthy too. So we figured since our previous meal at home was peanut butter sandwich (lot's of protein ei?) and potato chips (potatoes are vegetables which are suuuuuper super healthy), we want even more healthier dinner at Bubble Tea. There's nothing fresher than a raw fish topped on rice and a dash of healthy fat of mayo and a tall glass of milk tea (it's good for the bones) and squash soup (it's good for your eyesight). Deeeelish. So before food coma hit us we did a quick cardio workout by elbowing our way through some store especially those with a neon SALE flashy sign. SALE, always makes my heart go from EDSA traffic to NASCAR fast in just one Mississippi count. But I did not find anything. You know, those things, stuff so sweet that it makes your teeth rot. Especially sweet stuff for my little tot. Maybe on our next family therapy we'd find the exact sweet stuff we've been looking for.

So how about you? How's your therapy going?

top and shorts: thrift
shoes: schmug.multiply.com
bag: Michael Kors

Yllac's top: Thank you Ninang Abhie
Yllac's pants: Thank you Ninang Maricon
Yllac's shoes: Thank you Grandma


my guilt is killing me regarding my previous post. I don't like the way I left things just like that. It's as if I exposed the problem but not offering any solution. I believe the children are the future. Just saying, not singing. So this coming Tuesday, come back here (if you don't, i understand) and I will give you my peace offering. Swear, Scout's honor. And I hope you like it.  

1 comment:

Gela said...

awww! i love that you guys are sort of wearing matching shirts! so cute.

wishing your family all the happiness in the world, Denise! :)

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