August 18, 2012

Last Night...

at night

my mad photographing skills getting madder

blue green

found this perfect wall that matches my very old blue Memo dress

scary car

wowsa! That's one scary car. Running all by itself.


low jump champion - Yllac Lorenzo Lozada!

dakasi bubble milk tea

if you know happen to know us, you'll know how much we like our extra pearls.

hair inspector

"daddy, time for a haircut"

we pray

intense prayer before dinner led by Yllac. That's word, we pray!


that's Zoolander pout I see


"oh mommy, you are funny" (counting one to five is funny i guess)

counting fingers

counting fingers, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5......



we're a happy bunch here. Yllac learned to count his fingers one to five. Just five for now. Still, that's math right? wooohoo!

How about you? How was your last night? Hope it's a good one.


Anagon =) said...

Lovet! Panalo the extraextra pearls! :D

KD faustino said...

Girl, i love your booties! Is that gojane din? :)

Verna Abril said...

ms. Denice, ano po camera ginagamit nyo?

Denise Lozada said...

Kd Faustino: yup. the amazing Gojane.

Verna: It's a nikon d40. an old nikon. I don't think they manufacture this model anymore. But it shoots great.

Verna Abril said...

oo nga po, magaganda ang mga kuha :)

Jessica said...

omg these are so cute!!! i love the bright colors in the photos too



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