August 14, 2012

Little Promises


us, March, 2008

I have been married to this man for a good 4 years (and counting) now. I married him because he is cool and have i told you how much I love him too? And i think I loved him even more starting two days ago. You see, this man of mine hates being late but he married me, the good 'ol me for always being late. See? love is blind and crazy and sometimes it just left you with no other choice. I am a very lucky girl. Him? I am not too sure. Let's just say that he is a man of many many many virtues. Anyway, two days ago, he told me something so sweet my knees melted like a coffee crumble ice cream under the sun. He said (listen to his wisdom you guys) that no matter how long it takes for me to get ready to dress up, (you know the whole girl ritual of putting on your face and changing outfits 3 times and shoes at the last minute) he will never, ever, rush me anymore, even though Yllac just can't wait to get out of the door, screaming his lungs out, he will and will never get angry at me. So after a lot of mental wooohoooo going on inside me, I asked him why? Well, according to him, he is always proud of me as his wife. He takes pride in introducing me to people as his wife. Part of it, HE SAID (not me okay) is that I am beautiful (promise, no force here), part of how I look depends on how much time or if given the time to prep myself up....

gee thanks. Honesty much?

Have I told you how much I love this man?

..well in my defense, it takes a lot of time to prepare everything for the whole family each time we leave the house. If you're a mom or a mom figure, you know what I am talking about right? The mom is always the last one to get prettified. Hello, you there, Mom of more than one, hats off to you my friend. The world is a better place because of you. 

So...maybe my "ill be ready in a minute dear" won't be heard more than once in our household from now on? Oh my! Have I told you I married a good man? I can never forget his face last Saturday when he made that new little promise. It was the first time i really stopped to get a good look at him in days. His sparkling eyes happy but a little tired, drooping a little at the corners, his tiny laugh lines pronounced. His jaw and upper lips dusted with sprinkles of stubble and wonder when was the last time he actually slept. You see, I always get a good night sleep when he is around so I forgot about all his sleep if he's getting any. So I made a secret right-back-atcha promise to him that I, Denise Katipunera, won't touch my computer when he's home. Sorry, it's not i-will-get-faster-getting-dressed-dear promise kind of thing. It's an impossible promise. But as his wife that once promised him to be tender and not go all Cruella De Vil to him for as long as we're married, I am gonna give up my computer rights when he's home. Pinky swear I will. You know what? This is marriage, little promises you are willing to keep, little sacrifices and little petty quarrels. 

When he proposed to me, I said I do right away when I can't see a thing but feel the cold ring he slipped into my not-so-fat-fingers then. It was so dark I didn't see him dropped to his knees and can't really remember his proposal speech because all am trying to get a good look at was the ring. Slowly as my eyes adjusted to the dark, I can finally see the ring. I was little. I can see his eyes. It was huge. And I can finally see his face, so nervous as if he's trying so hard not to laugh. I could see something else there too. Something that promised years of laughter. Promise of friendship and respect, of being challenged at every turn and growing into a better person for it. Of hot, stolen, hunka bunka moments in the dark. Of long (pre Yllac) and short lazy mornings in bed. Of always knowing someone's got your back no matter what kind of trouble finds you.   

And id never been so sure of any answer in my life, but of course I do,sure,yes,why not, to hold tight and be true until we both go to that big 'ol heartbreak hotel in the sky. 


Have i ever told you how much i love this man?

have I mentioned how much I love this man?

yes I do. Yes I do.  


gingerbee said...

Awww! You are such a blessed woman, with a husband that truly loves and adores you, and a little boy that is the world to you. :)

Maudey said...

so sweet and so natural! i love this post, Denise! i think you both are lucky to have each other!

cheers to love! ^^,

CMA said...

how cute!

eyerin said...

i love the last picture, every man has his own sacrifices for his woman. and vice versa :)

Liezl said...

Awww! Na touch ako denise! Naiyak ako.. You are so blessed to have him as well as he is..- liezl


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