August 2, 2012

Over The Weekend

DSC_58g31 (1)

We were blessed to have an almost 4 days off this week. That was Monday to Thursday 3pm (today). Let's not talk about the 3pm mark. And there was a typhoon to go along with it too. Boy It was fun! We tried to stay home, we really did and do homey stuff; exhibit one - the mud pack, but when Yllac started talking to a mirror we were out of the house as fast as we could to save his sanity. Look at us, parenting very seriously. So we went out almost everyday. But trying to have an active lifestyle with a little toddler on the loose is much different now. The moment Yllac started to walk I knew our lives will never be the same. Or I knew that Jayson and I won't be walking hand in hand/canoodling anymore. Because Yllac is running now. And sometimes he hates the sight of his stroller, and would make his whole body stiff like a straight stick that won't bend to avoid being seated on his stroller. While I think that that is very smart of him, our little family is a scene maker now too. Oh! what fun to try to talk to a small person and chase a small baby. Makes you dizzy too. It was like running after a mouse. 

Well, it was fun having a cold weather but seriously not so fun to other places, you know where there's flood and all. Makes me feel guilty for enjoying this cold breeze anyway. Why can't we have it all? The cold breeze (without the flood) and the fun?

Take care everyone! Stay warm and dry and safe.

anyone here likes halo-halo on a cold weather? I do! 

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Anonymous said...

Yllac is just adorable, Denise! i can only imagine him thinking that his stroller is the worst chair on wheels ever invented. haha! love your red boots!

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